We are all a SIMOURQ, but we are always seeking SIMOURQ


There are few who do not know the legend of SIMOURQ; however, the presence of SIMOURQ is not limited to Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. One of the works that centers on SIMOURQ is "The Conference of the Birds" published by the Persian Sufi poet Farid al-Din Attar. This noble work is one of the masterpieces of Persian mystical literature, written in the 6th century of the Hijri calendar.
This grand work has been translated into European languages. Moreover, Jean-Claude Carrier, a renowned French playwright, in collaboration with Peter Brook, a renowned British director, wrote a play based on "The Conference of the Birds," staged in several cities worldwide.
SIMOURQ in Attar's work is entirely different from SIMOURQ in Shahnameh. While in Shahnameh, SIMOURQ is a legendary bird who sometimes aids Zal and Rostam, in "The Conference of the Birds," SIMOURQ is the mundane manifestation of God whom other birds decide to seek.
In Sufi literature, the human soul is compared to a bird and its body to a cage. This bird is always eager to escape from the cage.
The story of "The Conference of the Birds" begins: all the birds gathered and said that they needed a king to submit to his kingship and recognize him as a ruler. Let's search for him, find him, and live in his shadow and cling to his cord. Obey him, listen to his orders, and follow his commands. We have heard that there is a king called SIMOURQ, whose command flows to the east and west. Let us go to him and surrender ourselves to him.
In this story, a group of birds, representing seekers of God's path, seek SIMOURQ, who is the manifestation of truth, in search of their kingdom. Meanwhile, the Hoopoe is the guide and elder of the birds. They travel to Qaf Mountain, which is SIMOURQ's abode.
At the beginning of the journey, some birds give up on continuing the journey. The Hoopoe tells the story of Sheikh Sanan and encourages the remaining birds to continue their journey. The birds have seven cities ahead of them on this difficult path, which refer to the seven lands of pilgrimage. These cities are respectively:
  • Talab (search, request)
  • Ishq (love)
  • Ma'refat (knowledge)
  • Isteghnâ (detachment - self-sufficiency)
  • Tawhid (unity of God)
  • Hayrat (amazement)
  • Faqr and Fana (poverty and annihilation)
Many birds traverse these valleys. They are lost. And of all these birds, only thirty birds remain and reach the place of SIMOURQ. In truth, the 30 -Mourq (thirty birds) themselves are those thirty birds who became "SIMOURQ" after traversing the seven lands.
Each of us who has left home, family, country, and city in search of SIMOURQ (peace and a good life) towards the Qaf mountain (new land or country) and dons the clothes of migration, we ourselves are SIMOURQ and wander in search of SIMOURQ.

« Immigrants are like birds seeking a king or a utopia. But they do not know that everything is within their own being; they just have to learn, integrate, and improve »


SIMOURQ is an information and education association for integration in Luxembourg

In the small country of Luxembourg, having a comprehensive association that can produce content based on the needs of immigrants and newcomers can foster better interactions between cultures and aid in societal integration. Even the second generation of immigrants shows a strong inclination toward self-cultural discovery, and the sense of national and cultural belonging is a common feature within the immigrant community.
Facilitating and strengthening the effective presence of the immigrant community in Luxembourg in social, cultural, and economic domains, based on cultural interests and respect for all ethnicities and religions, could be one of the functions of an effective association that should be formed according to the needs of the Luxembourgish immigrant community.
Preparing news, reports, videos, photos, educational content, providing accurate information, producing documentaries documenting the activities of the immigrant community, showcasing successful immigrants to the Luxembourgish people and officials, can all be part of the SIMOURQ association's chapters.
The SIMOURQ association was established solely to inform and serve the Luxembourgish immigrant community and does not pursue any objectives of specific groups, whether political, religious, etc. We aim to provide you with good news and information in different languages for public use.
All the facilities on this site are entirely free and are meant to serve and aid in the integration of the immigrant community in Luxembourg.
Finally, we emphasize that this site has no financial or non-financial affiliation with any institution or organization and does not support any specific party, group, opposition, government, religion, or politics.

"The SIMOURQ Association believes in spreading culture and safeguarding the Persian language as a pillar of Aryan cultural identity. Our aim is to assist in immigrant integration and promote kindness among cultures in Luxembourg. Our association remains independent of any political, religious, or nationalist ideologies. We kindly request refraining from passing judgment or labeling our activities before evaluating them."

Completely autonomous, without any specific financial, governmental, or organizational support

Information and education

Coverage of Luxembourg news;

Publication of books and magazines;

Creation of educational videos;

Production of news and video reports;

Showcasing successful immigrants;

Digital services;

Sports and entertainment programs;

Cultural exchange workshops;

Human Rights

Human rights activities;

Supporting popular legal and democratic movements and activities;

Defense of women's rights;

Protection of children's rights;

Support for LGBTQIA+ rights;

Protection of animal rights;

Preservation of nature and natural resources;

Clean air and green earth activities;

Integration and training

Informing and assisting migrants;

Specialized training sessions;

Language courses for children and adults;

Translation and interpretation services;

Psychology workshops;

Organizing cultural and traditional ceremonies;

Artistic and intercultural activities;

Sports and entertainment programs;


History and Prohibitions of the SIMOURQ Association

The SIMOURQ Association was founded in 2009 by Ehsan Tarinia, an independent journalist, with the aim of assisting the Iranian community living in Luxembourg through the website IRANIANLUX. It began under his direction, and in 2013, by attracting enough volunteers and members, it was registered, and its first board of directors was formed. Until 2015, it continued its activities in the field of integration and information for Iranians. In 2015, it changed its name from IRANIANLUX to "Association of Intercultural Kindness in Luxembourg," abbreviated as AIKL. In a new form of activities covering more languages for immigrants from Arab countries, it included Kurdish, Persian, English, French, and German. In 2018, while maintaining all previous activities and pursuing its objectives, the association's name was again changed to "SIMOURQ," with a specific objective and language to help integrate a specific community in Luxembourg.
The SIMOURQ Association has been able to continue its activities in the field of immigrant integration and assistance in Luxembourg from 2009 to the present day without any financial assistance from the government or any organization, and of course, without financial support, it is never possible to continue. In this regard, the SIMOURQ Association obtained small sums from its two activities: document translation services and book editing services, with the support of the association's patron companies, rendering the association financially independent.
Red lines or prohibitions of the SIMOURQ association: Prohibition of any cooperation and relations with governments, groups, parties, organizations, and individuals holding opinions and beliefs including: religious or political extremism, racism, anti-women, anti-animal, anti-freedom of expression, anti-human dignity, anti-freedom of choice, anti-freedom of opinion, anti-LGBT and intellectual, pro-violence, terrorist... such as the fascist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its supporters.

Woman, life, freedom

SIMOURQ's activities in support of the women, life, freedom movement from the perspective of the media and the press

Le ministère temporise sur la question iranienne

«Nous allons tout faire pour faire évoluer les choses, y compris au niveau de la justice européenne», lance Isabelle Tavousi, de Simourq. L’ASBL assure avoir eu des échanges avec le ministère récemment, mais sans évolution concrète. «Nous aimerions avoir Jean Asselborn à nos côtés», insiste la .... more 

No way back: Iran regime must fall say activists

“I didn’t believe it. I didn’t know if it was real,” recalls Ehsan Tarinia about seeing the first news on social media about the death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of Iran’s morality police. Tarinia arrived in Luxembourg in 2005 as a political asylum seeker, having worked as a journalist in his home country .... more 

Jean Asselborn répond à la communauté iranienne

Depuis le lundi 6 février, des membres de la diaspora iranienne au Luxembourg siègent jour et nuit devant la Chambre des députés. Le 9, ils ont organisé un rassemblement place de Clairefontaine pour faire entendre leurs revendications : que le Luxembourg soutienne la résolution du Parlement européen du 19 janvier .... more 

Les Iraniens reçus, la grève de la faim s’arrête

La rencontre entre le ministère des Affaires étrangères et l’association iranienne d’opposition Simourq, organisée mardi après-midi, «a permis d’obtenir un positionnement clair de la part du Luxembourg», se réjouit Isabelle Tavousi, porte-parole des opposants. Les autorités ont «affiché un soutien clair» au mouvement qui secoue le pays. Amir Labbaf a ... more

«Le Luxembourg doit se mouiller en faveur de l’Iran»

Le mouvement actuel de contestation en Iran, suivi par la diaspora de nombreux pays, constitue «le début d’un grand pas pour la démocratisation de l’Iran», selon Isabelle Tavousi, de l’association Simourq. Elle parle même de «coup de grâce» contre le régime, après les mouvements qui avaient déjà secoué la République islamique en 1999, 2009 et 2018, sans la faire tomber ..... more 

Och zu Lëtzebuerg fuerderen iranesch Demonstranten e Systemwiessel

E Samschdeg hunn d'Iraner aus der Groussregioun hei zu Lëtzebuerg hir Roserei vis-à-vis vum Regime vun de Molla eraus gelooss. Den Appell ass kloer: "Et ass héich Zäit, maacht bei der globaler Beweegung mat, zu Gonschten vun der iranescher Revolutioun." Och als Europäer, dee kee Farsi versteet, huet een d'Determinatioun, jo d'Roserei, déi ..... more 

Soutien dans le combat pour un Iran libre

Pour exprimer sa solidarité avec le peuple iranien, l'association SIMOURQ et des organisations de Rhénanie-Palatinat ont appelé à une manifestation samedi au centre Hamilius de la capitale. Les revendications pour un changement du régime iranien en place ont été entendues ... more

«On est en train de faire une révolution»

Le comité pour la défense des droits de l'homme en Iran s'est joint à plusieurs autres manifestants à travers le monde pour afficher son soutien au pays dimanche dernier. Pour Nader Ghavami, vice-président du comité, les représentants politiques luxembourgeois n'étaient pas au rendez-vous ... more

« Tout, sauf les mollahs »

Le Statec dénombre environ 600 Iraniens au Luxembourg, mais beaucoup de ceux qui y vivent depuis plus de vingt ou trente ans sont devenus Luxembourgeois. « Je dirais que la communauté iranienne compte 2 000 personnes », lui emboîte Fatemeh Khelghatdoust, présidente de l’association Simourq, à  ... more