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For interpretation, you can make necessary arrangements by sending an email or directly calling the SIMOURQ association.
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The issued translation is in the form of an original and certified single-page copy. If you need more copies, please select the number of translations requested:
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The amount paid is intended to support the association's fund for the establishment of cultural activities, and this amount is non-refundable. / The paid amount will only be considered as the cost of translation and assistance to the association. Non-acceptance of the translation by embassies or special organizations is not the responsibility of the association and will not be the reason for the reimbursement of translation fees. / For businesses or lawyers, upon payment of the fees, a receipt or a certificate of coverage is issued by the association. / In accordance with Luxembourgish law on the protection of personal data, the applicant undertakes to ensure that this information is protected and archived by the Association.

Translation and Interpretation Service

Translation in the following languages :
Persian (Farsi and Dari) / Kurdish (Sorani and Kermanji) / Arabic
French / German / English
If you intend to translate your documents, the SIMOURQ association would be ready to assist you in this matter according to the following rules and regulations in four steps.

First Step :
Fill in the form above in Latin letters completely. If any of the requested information is wrong, incorrect, or empty, your translation request will not be accepted.
Second Step :
  • Send the following scanned documents in PDF format to the association's email address (SIMOURQ@GMAIL.COM)
Taking a photo of the document or using a scanning application on a mobile phone is not acceptable. The document needs to be scanned using a special scanning device (Scanner) for the scanning to be valid; otherwise, your document will not be accepted.
  • Proof of payment ;
  • Scanned documents to be translated (front and back) ;
  • Scanned passport or ID card (front and back) of the certificate holder for translation.
Third Step : 
If all documents are received via the association's email  (SIMOURQ@GMAIL.COM) without any defects, you will receive an email confirming that the documents have been received by the association.
Fourth Step : 
After completing the translation and confirming the signature at the commune, another email will be sent to you with the postal tracking number and a scan of the translation completed by the association.
The submitted translation will be issued to you in an original copy with a certified seal and signature. If you need more pages, please select the option for the number of translations requested.

Note: Since the association receives no financial assistance or support from the state and is independently managed, the fees collected for translation (the sole financial source of the association) will be considered material aid and voluntary cooperation from your side for the association's business, cultural, and charitable activities and are non-refundable.