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Dear listener,
The book you are currently listening to has been recorded and edited entirely voluntarily and without any financial support at the studios of the SIMOURQ association in Luxembourg, with the consent of the book's author.
All material and intellectual rights to this audio work belong to the cultural association SIMOURQ, and any use, appropriation, or reproduction will be subject to legal action.
This reflection on the 2500-year history of Iran expresses the freedom of thought and Iranian unity that, throughout the ages, have honored various communities and tribes with their own language, dialect, and beliefs.
As each of us has left our homeland for various reasons and finds ourselves far from our ancestors and roots, what a beauty it is to revive our period of remoteness with the sweet scent of Aryan camaraderie and affection, revitalizing it with vigor and clarity.
All cultural, social, and educational activities of the SIMOURQ association are carried out voluntarily, without any financial support from the Luxembourg government, a political party, or a specific organization. This association, as a cultural institution, strives to modestly contribute to meeting the needs of our compatriots residing in Luxembourg by providing fundamental information about life in Luxembourg and offering cultural and social services. With your help and financial support, dear friends and listeners, this association can more effectively continue its mission.

If as an author you wish to have your book transformed into an audiobook at SIMOURQ studios, do not hesitate to contact us..

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