Free Training Courses

Private Trainings by SIMOURQ Association

SIMOURQ Association has been accredited by the Ministry of National Education as an adult training center. Due to the small size of the SIMOURQ association's office and the lack of sufficient facilities to organize public courses, SIMOURQ Association arranges specialized training courses exclusively for its volunteers, free of charge.
Individuals interested in participating in these specialized courses in the fields of :

Filming, photography, sound recording, acting, translation, journalism, working with film editing programs, working with sound editing programs, working with photo and graphic editing programs

These trainings will be conducted under a six-month or one-year contract as part of a volunteer agreement. As part of their involvement in the association's activities, the volunteer is expected to be present at the association's office during scheduled training hours to pursue their internship in a private and professional manner. Upon completion of the internship and passing an examination, the participant will receive a valid certificate of course completion issued by SIMOURQ Association.