To participate in the program, it is mandatory to fill out the form above :

I plan to participate in the following programs:
'Hamsafa' (only lunch and barbecue games) at noon
'Hampa' (only walking, no participation in Hamsafa) at 10 in the morning
'Hampa and Hamsafa', I will participate in both programs at 10 in the morning
I will participate in the 'Hamrekab' bicycle program at 10 in the morning
I will participate in the 'Hamgholab' fishing program at 5 in the morning."
First and last name Mobile number E-mail
To participate in the program, I have read and confirmed all of the following:
I have the basic equipment for walking, fishing, cycling.
I have valid health insurance in Europe and Luxembourg.
I have with me a personal cup, hot and cold drinks, personal hygiene items, and snacks for personal consumption.
I am in good physical health and have no issues with walking or cycling.
I am well aware that the consumption of any substance, including marijuana, is prohibited in the Hampa, Hamsafa, Hamrekab, and Hamgholab groups.
I will always have my health insurance card and my ID card with me.
I am fully aware that any disruption or dispute within the group will result in permanent exclusion from the group.
I am aware that it is necessary to be present 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.
I am aware that the maximum delay for the group to depart from the meeting point is 15 minutes after the scheduled time, and the group is not responsible for waiting in case of my delay.
I am fully aware that the route is predefined and that the leadership of the group is responsible for guiding.
If I participate in the program with my dog, I will not let it roam freely without a leash during the program.
I am responsible for the loss or damage to my electronic or non-electronic equipment.
I am aware that littering in the forest or on the mountain is prohibited according to the laws of Luxembourg.
Lighting a fire without following the rules or without the group leader's approval is prohibited, and burying the ashes is mandatory.
Separating from the group during the course is against the group's rules.
I will hold onto the waste generated until I find a trash bin; I won't leave it in nature.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages (only beverages containing less than 15% alcohol are allowed) is permitted only during barbecues and as long as it doesn’t disturb the group members.
Bringing any kind of hunting tools such as firearms, arrows and bows, axes, knives, etc., is strictly prohibited.
I am aware that other members of my family, friends, or companions must fill out this form separately if they wish to participate.
Feeding the dogs in the group with human food or special treats is strictly prohibited.
Any form of racism, whether through words or actions, is prohibited within the group and will result in permanent exclusion.
For the Hamsafa program and lunch, there will always be barbecues available, but no specific type of meat is provided. This means everyone can bring their preferred meat, enough for themselves and a little more to share. They can prepare it as they like after cooking to share with others.
I will bring drinks for my personal consumption during the Hamsafa program.
I am aware that only individuals (whose number has been communicated and confirmed) who have informed the leader are allowed to participate.
I will bring charcoal and supplies to light the barbecue fire.
I am aware that each person or family will bring enough drinks, meat, and bread for their personal consumption.
I know that I need to have a cup, a plate, a spoon, and a fork, in short, barbecue utensils for my personal use.
I am aware that I will not participate in the program if I suspect a viral and contagious illness.

📣 Recreational and Sports Groups "HamSafa" 🍻 and "HamPa" 🚶‍♂️

🚶‍♂️ will be organizing an event on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 🎒
📅 Date: Saturday, December 2nd, 2023
⏰ Time: Participation in the walk with "HamPa" at 10 AM and the "HamSafa" program at noon, 12 PM

📍 Location: Müllerthal Forest, Route 2

📍 Starting point for "HamPa" group at 10 AM: Echternach Main Bus Station
📍 Lunch location for "HamSafa" group at noon: Berdorf Barbecue Spot
Participants in the "HamPa" program will join the "HamSafa" group for lunch and barbecue games after crossing the Müllerthal Forest.

Learn the Luxembourgish language while hiking and enjoying nature with a group composed of curious citizens of Luxembourg and migrants eager to learn in a new way. Admission is open and free for all. Don't forget hiking gear, barbecue supplies, picnic items, music, games, and entertainment. If interested in joining, be sure to coordinate with the group leader.

🙋‍♂️ Contact number for the group leader: +352 691 23 49 49

9, Place du Marché
L-6460 Echternach

+352 691 23 49 49

Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m