Forms and Necessary Information for Administrative Requests in Luxembourg with a Guide and Translation in Persian

A Guide to Living in Luxembourg

The SIMOURQ website is an information portal that simplifies your interactions with the administration. It also allows you quick and user-friendly access to all information, procedures, and services offered by Luxembourgish public agencies in Persian, entirely free of charge.
Dear citizens, traders, and entrepreneurs: the SIMOURQ portal enables you to easily navigate administrative procedures related to public agencies in two sections (citizen information and business information). Our descriptive sheets, guiding you through all procedures in Persian, present you with information regarding each agency and office :
  • Relevant services and agencies;
  • Terms and regulations;
  • Any fees involved;
  • Practical details of your request;
  • How to submit a request;
  • Submission procedures;
At SIMOURQ, you can also find :
  • Relevant forms to fill out;
  • Catalogs, administrative information, and ministries;
  • News informing you of relevant updates and modifications to administrative rules and procedures;
  • Information on government aid, rent, work, etc. 

This section of the SIMOURQ portal is being finalized, and some of the information you are looking for has not yet been uploaded and cannot be implemented. While thanking you for your patience, we announce that the editorial committee and translators are finalizing the information. Help us with your feedback and suggestions to provide more comprehensive and faster services.

How to Register on ?

How to Log in or Register on the Luxembourgish government portal in Persian in the video below:
Forms and necessary information for administrative requests in Luxembourg with a guide and translation in Persian

Guide to Life in Luxembourg

All the information and forms on the website have been translated into Persian from the portal and the country's ministry portals, prepared and organized by the expert group of translators of the association serving the Persian-speaking community in Luxembourg. It should be noted that any form of copying and abusive use of these documents is subject to legal action.


Job search, employment, self-employment, working holidays, workplace accidents, unemployment, retirement, etc.


Health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, medical expense reimbursement, pregnancy, and others.


Marriage, parents, children, birth, death, childbirth, pets, etc.


Income tax, self-employment tax, property tax, customs, certificates, inheritance, etc.


Renting, buying, selling, building, renovating, changing, etc.

Social Services

Social assistance, subsistence allowance, insurance history, certificates, social services, etc.


Driving licenses, public transportation, buying and selling cars, parking, accidents, etc.


Business establishment, self-employment, activity licensing, export and import, etc.