The Migration of Swallows

Memoirs and Life of the Author

Book Title: "The Migration of Swallows"
Author: Marzieh Nourani
Publisher: SIMOURQ Publications, Luxembourg
Printing: TARINIA Digital
First Edition, 2023, Luxembourg
Editor: Abuzar Afshang
Layout and Technical Affairs: SIMOURQ Publications, Luxembourg
Cover Design: Saghar Jamshidi
Physical Specifications: One Volume, 344 Pages
ISBN: 9789998799707
Subject: Memoirs and Life of the Author
Language: Persian
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Book Introduction:
The book "The Migration of Swallows" is a work that aims to shed light on the living and economic conditions of child laborers in Iran. The author has fulfilled her mission in this regard by publishing this valuable work.
In this book, the author not only vocalizes the words but also unveils the wall of silence against the indifference towards child laborers and portrays the agony forced upon these vulnerable groups. With fluent, elegant, and simple prose, she has penned this book.
The author of this valuable work fearlessly recounts the cold and warm moments of her journey towards achieving this goal and proudly recalls the bitterness and sweetness of her life experiences.
She states in a part of this book: "I have left behind a very memorable childhood and those beautiful memories are recorded in the history of my life; for this reason, I intend to also bring the joy of life to child laborers with the proceeds from the sale of my books and transform their dark and bleak world into a colorful and beautiful one."
In this work, the author extensively discusses humanity and says: "Since we are far from world peace, we must hasten to help each other with a mindset full of love and compassion."
She extensively discusses her pleasant childhood, turbulent years of life, and the bitter period of the Iran-Iraq war in her book, admitting that due to the intensity of sorrow and longing, her eyes have shed tears like a storm numerous times.
In addition to writing about feminism, gender discrimination, love and separation, staying and leaving, migration, and life in the West, she relies on her self-made and powerful personality in the end, expresses her faith and beliefs, and speaks of recognizing the truth.
She asks you, dear readers, to assist her in achieving her goal, which is to help child laborers in Iran, by purchasing this book.

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