Broken Mirror of History

Factors of the 1979 Revolution

Book Title: Broken Mirror of History
Author: Morteza Iraei
Publisher: SIMOURQ Publications, Luxembourg
Printing: TARINIA Digital
First Edition,  2023, Luxembourg
Editor, Layout, and Technical Affairs: SIMOURQ Publications, Luxembourg
Cover Design: TARINIA Digital
Physical Description: Two volumes, 1000 pages
ISBN: 9789998799714
Subject: Historical (Critique of Quranic interpreters and events of the 1979 Revolution)
Language: Persian
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Book Introduction:

The book "Broken Mirror of History" is a work written with the aim of examining the conditions, reasons, and factors of the 1979 Revolution in Iran.
Mr. Morteza Iraei, in this book, while focusing as much as possible on the use of Persian words instead of Arabic, presents a different perspective of the 1979 Revolution for the reader. He begins the book by saying: "Today, if someone wishes to have something written for them without Arabic words, you will not find this ability within yourself, because the words we know are interwoven with Arabic words, and we have learned them during the years of education. Therefore, it may be difficult to understand in this book, which is over 900 pages long and only 150 pages of it are equivalent to today's writings, because Persian words have been used throughout the remaining writings."
The author of this valuable historical work has divided his book into two parts: examining the factors of the 1979 Revolution and, on the other hand, boldly and objectively criticizing the writings of Quranic interpreters. He proudly speaks against the simple beliefs of religious shopkeepers.
In a part of this book, he says: "Human thought is always ready to waste like wasted water, and only the dam of reason prevents the progress of this waste."
We will benefit greatly from reading this valuable work, as this book continues to break religious and mythical barriers in contemporary Iranian history and presents events impartially with evidence.
The author describes his motivation for writing this book as follows: "Six months before the tree of transformation became fertile in Iran and the chaos of Khomeini began, or rather when the first forms of Khomeini's image were painted on the walls and his tapes reached the hands of his supporters, I took the Quran to become more aware of Islam. Because the readings of the past did not answer my thoughts. Friends and informed people around me suggested the twenty-three-year notebook of the great writer and politician, Ali Dashti, but access to it was not easy for me. So I came to the idea that no writing other than the Quran can help me achieve my desires. After many years, when I reached Dashti's twenty-three-year notebook, I found most of the signs I had noted from the Quran for the foundation of my motivations in that notebook, and I knew that the honorable Dashti had written what I had chosen before me."
In addition to being a writer in his book, he speaks about various topics, from the secret and unofficial entry of General Eisenhower to neutralize the Shah's army in Iran to the contradictory creation and behavior of Dr. Mossadegh. From Carter's way of thinking to the mindset of the masses in the later years of the Shah's era to the Shah's own mistakes.
In fact, various books have been published about the Iranian Revolution, but unfortunately most of them hide the author's direction. The author's goal in writing this book is to record history without direction and present documents and truth.

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